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Renting Style House For Sale

Plan A : Take over project to be owner.

When you think of staying lively in Phuket and have one project to take care.

Uncle Chai Home Project had staged construction, which now three houses be completed and rent out. We continue construct more house in this low season, or if you buy the project, we able to assist and consult you to complete project under your own property. One rai, quiet Chalong area is natural to you.

Contact for any question MAKE YOUR LIFE BUSY to stay in Phuket. www.unclechaihome.com mobile 01 492 6883

Plan B : Project partner

I have this project from my nature that I find out that I love architecture and decorative. If you have chance to visit our project, you can see something my style, and, to think further to be Project Partner, just because you like my architecture style.

How… ?
(This is my idea.) We may pay to evaluate project, then you can take percentage you want of that amount you can pay.

Our agree to work together, just because we are happy to work together. (I know that very small percentage to happen. )

W h y … ?
To make it bigger, I know I can work alone because I did but it may slow the way it is. I look for opening my frame which I believe in sharing experience.

Bangkok : 179/59 Watcharapol Rd., Bangkane, Bangkok Phuket : Soi Bannachai, chawpha Nok, Chalong, Phuket
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